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Please make an appointment before you get a consultation. At the first session, we see if we can accept your case and we determine fees.


We do consultations by e-mail.


Type of Filing

Certification of Eligibility, Change Status of Residence, Extending Period of Stay, Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted, Permission for Permanent Resident, Re-entry Permission, Certificate of Authorized Employment, Naturalization, and others

Basic Services
-Making applications
-Consultation for supplemental document making
-Submitting applications
-Making inquiries to immigration offices
-Picking up certifications

Optional Services
-Supplemental document making


Composition Deed (Jidan-sho)

A Composition Deed is an agreement for settlement out of court. People often use this kind of agreement document when they are involved in car accidents. Gyoseishoshi lawyers are qualified to prepare Composition Deeds that are complete and fair.

Contract Document (Keiyaku-sho)

When you lend money, sell goods or hire employees, you may want to make a written contract. We can write a legally binding contract for you that covers all the necessary points. We can also translate contracts.

Content Certified Mail (Naiyo-Shoumei-Yubin)

What if you submit a claim to a company or a shop and they try to ignore you? Sending a Content Certified Mail is an effective way to get their attention. Post offices certify what was sent, when it was sent and where it was sent. Three copies are made. One copy goes to the other party, the second is held by the post office, and you keep the third. If you want to assert a legal claim, this document should be written by a legal professional so that it is based on correct legal knowledge and so that the receiver takes the document seriously. We write effective Content of Certified Mails with a legal professional’s signature.

Copyright Registration (Chosaku-ken Touroku)

We assist you to register your copyright. Copyright is generated automatically when you create work like literature, pictures or ideas. However, if you register your copyright with the government, you can use the registration as a proof of your copyright in trials or claims to others.

Petition (Jyoushin-sho)

A Petition is good way to make and document a claim to your superiors or to an organization. We can write a professional and effective petition for you. It is important that your petition communicate clearly; if Japanese is a second language for you, it may be wise to get assistance so that your petition is clear and says exactly what you want to convey.

Living Will (Yuigon-sho)

To avoid trouble for your beloved family after your death, writing a living will is highly advised. We can write a valid living will for you.

Resume (Rireki-sho)

A resume is a sales flyer for yourself. In it, you need to show your Japanese language ability and your understanding of Japanese business etiquette. We will help you to create an effective and perfect resume by advising you, checking what you have written, or writing a resume for you.


When you start a company, you need to register it with the Legal Affairs Bureau. You must create certain structures and procedures for your company to become a legal entity. We consult your business plan and make foundation documents such as the Articles of Incorporation (Teikan) and Conference Minutes (Giji-roku).


We translate legal documents. English, Japanese, and Chinese are available.