3,500 yen per e-mail consultation

We reply within three business days of verifying your payment, barring online accident or other unavoidable cause. Remember, the more detailed information you give us, the more useable answers we can send! You need a credit card for your payment.

How to do an E-mail consultation

①Send a question to Yoko Matsuda at info@visatojapan.com
Please send with your information below;
-Your name

-Country and prefecture of your address

-Your age

-Your nationality

-Your visa status and expiration date in Japan (if you are in Japan)

-Your educational history (if you want a working visa)

-Your career history (if you want a working visa)

-Your Japanese family history (if you want a visa as a Japanese family member)

-Criminal records in Japan (we keep all information confidential)
②When you get a statement from us, please make a payment through the secured PayPal system.

③We send our answer within three business days after verifying your payment.