• International Marriage

If you marry a Japanese citizen, you become eligible for Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa status. Please contact us if you do not know how to start your marriage process. It is important to make sure that both marriage partners are eligible based on each partner’s country’s family laws. To meet requirements for Spouse or Child of Japanese National, you must be able to show your marriage status and proof that it is a genuine marriage.

  • Overstay

If a spouse of Japanese national is overstaying, there is a chance to get Special Permission for Residence and make his/her stay legal.


  • Bringing Your Family

Some spouse of Japanese national may want to bring their children from their country to Japan. However, even though they are your actual children, they often cannot secure family visa status. Tell us if you have any other chance to bring your family left in your country.

  • Divorce

If you divorce your Japanese partner or become a widow/widower, you lose your status as a Spouse or Child of a Japanese National. We help you to apply to the Immigration Bureau for a status change. You may be able to change your status to Long Term Resident if you:
(1) Have lived in Japan for a long time;
(2) Have been married for a long time; or
(3) Are raising a child who is a Japanese National.