Matsuda Immigration Law Office is located in Okayama, Japan. A Gyoseishoshi (Certified Administrative Procedure Legal Specialist) is a legal professional authorized to, among other things, make applications to governments on behalf of clients.


The Japanese Government has strict rules regulating the activities of foreigners in Japan. We provide foreigners with a range of services related to visa status so that they understand their rights and obligations under the law and are in compliance with all regulations. We also assist Japanese citizens who wish to invite foreigners to Japan as family members, students, business partners or friends.

❖ YOKO MATSUDA, Gyoseishoshi Lawyer

President Yoko Matsuda has been runnig her office since 2007 in Okayama where she was born and raised. After receiving a B.A. in Law at Okayama University and an M.A. in Management and Public Policy at Tsukuba University, she worked as a journalist for ten years: six years at the Sanyo Shimbun in Okayama, and four years at the Nichi Bei Times in San Francisco, U.S.A. The former careers strengthen her ability in analyzing and documenting.

Yoko specializes in making applications to Immigarion offices as an official agent and doing English consultations and translations.


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